Social Media For Business Training

On our Certified Social Media For Business Training course, we’ll look at the different social media channels and how marketing professionals can use them as part of an online marketing strategy. Whether you run a small blog or work for a major brand we’ll look at how using platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest can work for you.
Whilst Social Media Marketing is covered in our Advanced Digital Marketing with Inbound Course, this is a deeper dive into the platforms, how to use them and covers setting up your accounts, using them to distribute content and attracting potential customers.
Overview of most popular Social Platforms:



  • Create & Manage A Business Page
  • Cover Names, Usernames & Verification
  • Set up Page Roles
  • Customise Your Page
  • Publishing
  • Like & Interact with other Pages
  • Messaging
  • Insights
  • Banning & Moderating
  • Dealing with Problems
  • Using Groups
  • Setting Up Events
  • Adding Pixels
  • Facebook Ads
  • Audiences


  • Create Your Header
  • Choosing a Photo
  • Selling Yourself (Bio)
  • Your First Tweet
  • Pinned Tweets
  • Twitter Content Strategy
  • Tweet Your Content
  • Tweet Curated Content
  • Using Lists
  • Leverage Twitter Notifications
  • Using advanced Twitter Search
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Use Twitter chats to build your network
  • IFTTT and how you use it


  • Create Your Profile
  • Choose a Picture
  • Set your sections up
  • Optimise your profile for search results
  • Staying Active
  • Using Linkedin Search
  • Premium Accounts
  • Succes Planning
  • Grow Your Network
  • Company Pages
  • Ads


  • Instagram basics
  • Content strategy
  • Using scheduling tools
  • Growth strategies
  • Useful applications
  • Advertising tips


  • how individuals and businesses use the programme
  • how to start and optimise Pinterest boards
  • types of pins
  • how to integrate your profile with a website
  • how to advertise on the programme
  • how to measure your success.