Get the Right Customer and Earn More


Understanding your customer is something we all take for granted. Whether business is good it’s good because we’re doing something right and when it is bad, we all believe its something to do with the economy, or that things are just flat or any number of other reasons other than what we are doing. Our get the right customer and earn more certificated course will help you or your marketing or sales team make decisions more closely aligned with your buyers intent, decisions and journey than ever before. This course will help take startups, struggling and flatlined businesses to the next level. Customer centricity is what enables a business to drive forward so make the right choice today, get the right customer and earn more.

There are a number of factors that can affect the sales funnel, but how many believe the main reason is that you just don’t fully understand your customer?

Many businesses don’t capitalise on a good run of sales, they simply accept it as the norm and therein lies the problem. Failing to understand:

  • Who your customer is
  • What drove them decision to buy a service/product like yours
  • Why you were chosen over the rest
  • How you were found
  • How to get this information from them
  • How to make that work for consistently and continually

Will ensure you maintain your place, that could mean no continual or exponential growth, but a “steady” position that could become perilous if the buyers suddenly disappeared. It could also mean that you never get the business you want, just the business you have to accept.

Our in depth course in identifying and attracting your ideal customer, not only answers all of the above and shows you how to get there, but gives you the data you need to make every sales, marketing and business development decision you will ever make. This course is our recommendation to take before you take any other course, except the Certified Entrepreneurs Course of which this forms part of the coursework.